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RESET(7)				   SQL Commands 				 RESET(7)

       RESET - restore the value of a run-time parameter to a default value

       RESET variable

       RESET ALL

	      The name of a run-time parameter. See SET [set(7)] for a list.

       ALL    Resets all settable run-time parameters to default values.

       RESET  restores	run-time  parameters  to  their default values. Refer to SET [set(7)] for
       details. RESET is an alternate spelling for

       SET variable TO DEFAULT

       The default value is defined as the value that the variable would have  had,  had  no  SET
       ever been issued for it in the current session. The actual source of this value might be a
       compiled-in default, the postmaster's configuration file or command-line switches, or per-
       database or per-user default settings. See the Administrator's Guide for details.

       See the SET manual page for details on the transaction behavior of RESET.

       See under the SET [set(7)] command.

       Set DateStyle to its default value:

       RESET DateStyle;

       Set geqo to its default value:

       RESET GEQO;

       RESET is a PostgreSQL extension.

SQL - Language Statements		    2002-11-22					 RESET(7)
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