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drop_group(7) [redhat man page]

DROP GROUP - remove a user group SYNOPSIS
DROP GROUP name INPUTS name The name of an existing group. OUTPUTS DROP GROUP The message returned if the group is successfully deleted. DESCRIPTION
DROP GROUP removes the specified group from the database. The users in the group are not deleted. Use CREATE GROUP [create_group(7)] to add new groups, and ALTER GROUP [alter_group(7)] to change a group's membership. USAGE
To drop a group: DROP GROUP staff; COMPATIBILITY
SQL92 There is no DROP GROUP in SQL92. SQL - Language Statements 2002-11-22 DROP GROUP(7)

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DROP TRIGGER - remove a trigger SYNOPSIS
DROP TRIGGER name ON table [ CASCADE | RESTRICT ] INPUTS name The name of an existing trigger. table The name (optionally schema-qualified) of a table. CASCADE Automatically drop objects that depend on the trigger. RESTRICT Refuse to drop the trigger if there are any dependent objects. This is the default. OUTPUTS DROP TRIGGER The message returned if the trigger is successfully dropped. ERROR: DropTrigger: there is no trigger name on relation "table" This message occurs if the trigger specified does not exist. DESCRIPTION
DROP TRIGGER will remove an existing trigger definition. To execute this command the current user must be the owner of the table for which the trigger is defined. EXAMPLES
Destroy the if_dist_exists trigger on table films: DROP TRIGGER if_dist_exists ON films; COMPATIBILITY
SQL92 There is no DROP TRIGGER statement in SQL92. SQL99 The DROP TRIGGER statement in PostgreSQL is incompatible with SQL99. In SQL99, trigger names are not local to tables, so the command is simply DROP TRIGGER name. SEE ALSO
CREATE TRIGGER [create_trigger(7)] SQL - Language Statements 2002-11-22 DROP TRIGGER(7)
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