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ALTER GROUP(7)				   SQL Commands 			   ALTER GROUP(7)

       ALTER GROUP - add users to a group or remove users from a group

       ALTER GROUP name ADD USER username [, ... ]
       ALTER GROUP name DROP USER username [, ... ]

       name   The name of the group to modify.

	      Users which are to be added or removed from the group. The user names must exist.

	      Message returned if the alteration was successful.

       ALTER  GROUP is used to add or remove users from a group. Only database superusers can use
       this command.  Adding a user to a group does not create the user.  Similarly,  removing	a
       user from a group does not drop the user itself.

       Use CREATE GROUP [create_group(7)] to create a new group and DROP GROUP [drop_group(7)] to
       remove a group.

       Add users to a group:

       ALTER GROUP staff ADD USER karl, john;

       Remove a user from a group:

       ALTER GROUP workers DROP USER beth;

       There is no ALTER GROUP statement in SQL92. The concept of roles is similar.

SQL - Language Statements		    2002-11-22				   ALTER GROUP(7)
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