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sane-sm3600(5)									   sane-sm3600(5)

       sane-sm3600 - SANE backend for Microtek scanners with M011 USB chip

       The  sane-sm3600 library implements a SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) backend that provides
       access to some Microtek scanners with the Toshiba M011  custom  USB  chip.   This  backend
       should be considered alpha.

       There  exist  a	backends  for  Microtek  scanners  with SCSI command set.  Refer to sane-
       microtek(5) and sane-microtek2(5) for details.

       At present, the following scanners are known positively to work with this backend:

	      Vendor	 Product id:	 Remark:
	      --------	 --------------  -----------
	      Microtek	 ScanMaker 3600  all modes ok
	      Microtek	 ScanMaker 3700  reported to work
	      Microtek	 ScanMaker 3750  reported to work

       If you own a Microtek scanner with the M011 chip other than the ones listed above, it  may
       or may not work with SANE!

       This  backend  dynamically enables the options for the frontend, that are supported by the
       scanner in dependence of the scanning-mode and other options. Not  supported  options  are

       The following options are supported by the Microtek2-driver:

       Color, grayscale, halftone and lineart scans.

       contrast, brightness, control, gamma correction.

       This backend does not support device names in a standardized form.

       This backend does not support a configuration file right now.

	      The static library implementing this backend.

	      The  shared  library  implementing  this	backend  (present on systems that support
	      dynamic loading).

       The backend uses libusb and it's pseudo files in /proc/bus/usb/*.  Since  libusb  versions
       0.1.3b  and  0.1.4 have incompatible binary data structures, You must be shure not to have
       obsolete header files. When You mix wrong versions, the scanner detection code will  raise
       a "segment violation".

       These  files  are  normally  owned  by root and You are responsible to get access to these
       files, for example chown-ing them to Yourself. If You have no right permissions, the back-
       end will find the device, but You'll get an I/O error.

       The  better  way  is to use automatical hotplugging. See http://sm3600.sf.net/hotplug.html
       for instructions and useful links.

	      If the library was compiled with debug support enabled, this  environment  variable
	      controls the debug level for this backend.  E.g., a value of 128 requests all debug
	      output to be printed.  Smaller levels reduce verbosity. To see  error  messages  on
	      stderr set SANE_DEBUG_SM3600 to 1.

	      E.g. just say:
	      export SANE_DEBUG_SM3600=5

       sane-microtek2(5), http://sm3600.sourceforge.net

       Marian Eichholz (eichholz@computer.org)
       Glenn Ramsey (glenn@componic.com)

					    10.02.2002				   sane-sm3600(5)
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