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NNRPD.TRACK(5)									   NNRPD.TRACK(5)

       nnrpd.track - file to specify hosts to be tracked by nnrpd.

       This  file,  which is located in <PATH in configure>/etc specifies which hosts are to have
       their activities recorded during an nnrpd session.  The nnrpd server reads it  then  first
       spawned by innd.

       Entries consist of one host specification per line, each line having two fields, separated
       by a colon:


       The first field is either the FQDN of a host, or a domain name (in the form *.domain.com).

       The second field is simply a segment of text which may be used to more easily identify the
       client, typically an e-mail address or other identifying mark.

       For example:


       Written	by  Steve  Carrie  <stephenc@uk.uu.net>  for InterNetNews.  This is revision 1.3,
       dated 1998/04/09.

       inn.conf(5), innd(8), newsfeeds(5), nnrpd(8),

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