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libao.conf(5)			       libao configuration			    libao.conf(5)

       libao.conf - configuration for libao.



       libao.conf  and	.libao are configuration files for libao, the audio output library.  They
       specify various options	to  libao,  as	described  below.   libao.conf	sets  system-wide
       options,  whereas  ~/.libao  sets  user-specific  options.   When an option is set in both
       places, the option in ~/.libao takes precedence.

       The file consists of comments and key-value pairs.  Comments are on  separate  lines  that
       start with a # symbol.  The key-value pairs are of the form:
       where  key contains no whitespace and no equal signs.  value will be all of the text after
       the equal sign until (but not including) the ending newline.  Beware of	extra  spaces  at
       the end of the line!  They will probably be interpreted as part of the option value.

       Valid option keys are:

		     The short name of the driver libao should use by default.

       Here is an example libao.conf that forces the OSS driver to be used by default:

	   # This is a comment.

       libao.conf is missing a number of potentially useful options.

       Stan Seibert <indigo@aztec.asu.edu>

					   July 8, 2001 			    libao.conf(5)
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