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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for kdc.conf (redhat section 5)

KDC.CONF(5)					 File Formats Manual					  KDC.CONF(5)

kdc.conf - Kerberos V5 KDC configuration file
kdc.conf specifies per-realm configuration data to be used by the Kerberos V5 Authentication Service and Key Distribution Center (AS/KDC). This includes database, key and per-realm defaults. The kdc.conf file uses the same format as the krb5.conf file. For a basic description of the syntax, please refer to the krb5.conf description. The following sections are currently used in the kdc.conf file: [kdcdefaults] Contains parameters which control the overall behaviour of the KDC. [realms] Contains subsections keyed by Kerberos realm names which describe per-realm KDC parameters.
The following relations are defined in the [kdcdefaults] section: kdc_ports This relation lists the ports which the Kerberos server should listen on, by default. This list is a comma separated list of integers. If this relation is not specified, the compiled-in default is usu- ally port 88 and port 750. v4_mode This string specifies how the KDC should respond to Kerberos IV packets. If this relation is not speci- fied, the compiled-in default of nopreauth is used.
Each tag in the [realms] section of the file names a Kerberos realm. The value of the tag is a subsection where the relations in that subsection define KDC parameters for that particular realm. For each realm, the following tags may be specified in the [realms] subsection: database_name This string specifies the location of the Kerberos database for this realm. master_key_name This string specifies the name of the master key. master_key_type This key type string represents the master key's key type. encryption_type This encryption type string represents the encryption type used for this realm. key_stash_file This string specifies the location where the master key has been stored with kdb5_stash. kdc_ports This string specifies the list of ports that the KDC is to listen to for this realm. By default, the value of kdc_ports as specified in the [kdcdefaults] section is used. max_life This delta time string specifes the maximum time period that a ticket may be valid for in this realm. max_renewable_life This delta time string specifies the maximum time period that a ticket may be renewed for in this realm. default_principal_expiration This absolute time string specifies the default expiration date of principals created in this realm. default_principal_flags This flag string specifies the default attributes of principals created in this realm. supported_keytypes This list of key : salt strings specifies the default key/salt combinations of principals for this realm. reject_bad_transit This boolean string specifies whether or not the KDC should reject cross-realm TGS requests if the request's list of transited realms names realms which would not be included in the transit path if the path were to be computed using the KDC's krb5.conf file, or if the client requests that the KDC not perform such a check. The default is for this option to be enabled.
krb5.conf(5), krb5kdc(8) KDC.CONF(5)

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