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HESIOD.CONF(5)									   HESIOD.CONF(5)

       hesiod.conf - Configuration file for the Hesiod library

       The file hesiod.conf determines the behavior of the Hesiod library.  Blank lines and lines
       beginning with a `#' character are ignored.  All other lines should be of the  form  vari-
       able = value, where the value should be a single word.  Possible variables and values are:

       lhs    Specifies  the  domain  prefix  used  for Hesiod queries.  In almost all cases, you
	      should specify ``lhs=.ns''.  The default value if you do not specify an  lhs  value
	      is no domain prefix, which is not compatible with most Hesiod domains.

       rhs    Specifies the default Hesiod domain; this value may be overridden by the HES_DOMAIN
	      environment variable.  You must specify an rhs line for the Hesiod library to  work

	      Specifies  which	DNS  classes Hesiod should do lookups in.  Possible values are IN
	      (the preferred class) and HS (the deprecated class, still used by some sites).  You
	      may  specify  both classes separated by a comma to try one class first and then the
	      other if no entry is available in the  first  class.   The  default  value  of  the
	      classes variable is ``IN,HS''.


       There default value for ``lhs'' should probably be more reasonable.

					 30 November 1996			   HESIOD.CONF(5)
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