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AHA152X_CS(4)						     Kernel Interfaces Manual						     AHA152X_CS(4)

aha152x_cs - Adaptec AHA-152X compatible PCMCIA device driver SYNOPSIS
insmod aha152x_cs.o [pc_debug=n] [irq_list=i,j,...] [host_id=n] [reconnect=n] [parity=n] [synchronous=n] [reset_delay=n] [ext_trans=n] DESCRIPTION
aha152x_cs is the low-level Card Services driver for various PCMCIA SCSI adapters that are compatible with the Adaptec AHA-152X host adapter. These include the New Media Bus Toaster, the Adaptec AHA-1460, and various other OEM cards. PARAMETERS
pc_debug=n Selects the PCMCIA debugging level. This parameter is only available if the module is compiled with debugging enabled. A non-zero value enables debugging. irq_list=i,j,... Specifies the set of interrupts that may be allocated by this driver. host_id=n Specifies the SCSI ID of the host adapter. The default host ID is 7. reconnect=n Enables support for disconnect/reconnect, if non-zero. The default is 1 (true). parity=n Enables SCSI parity checking. The default is 1 (true). synchronous=n Enables negotiation of synchronous SCSI transfers. The default is 0 (false). reset_delay=n Specifies a delay for SCSI bus resets, in 10 millisecond intervals. The default is 100. ext_trans=n Enables the ``extended translation'' scheme for partition tables of drives larger than 1 GB. AUTHOR
David Hinds - SEE ALSO
cardmgr(8), pcmcia(5). pcmcia-cs 2000/06/12 21:24:47 AHA152X_CS(4)

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AIC(4)                                                   BSD/i386 Kernel Interfaces Manual                                                  AIC(4)

aic -- Adaptec AIC-6260 and AIC-6360 SCSI driver SYNOPSIS
device aic In /boot/device.hints:"isa" DESCRIPTION
The aic driver provides support for the Adaptec AIC-6260 and AIC-6360 SCSI controller chips. Many systems that use these controller chips do not have a boot ROM and therefore cannot be booted from. HARDWARE
The adapters supported by the aic driver include: o Adaptec AHA-1505 (ISA) o Adaptec AHA-1510A, AHA-1510B (ISA) o Adaptec AHA-1520A, AHA-1520B (ISA) o Adaptec AHA-1522A, AHA-1522B (ISA) o Adaptec AHA-1535 (ISA) o Creative Labs SoundBlaster SCSI host adapter (ISA) o Adaptec AHA-1460, AHA-1460B, AHA-1460C, AHA-1460D (PC Card) o Adaptec AHA-1030B, AHA-1030P (PC98) o NEC PC-9801-100 (PC98) SEE ALSO
aha(4), ahb(4), ahc(4), cd(4), ch(4), da(4), intro(4), sa(4) BUGS
The driver does not work well with multiple devices on the SCSI bus. The driver works well with devices like CDROMs and Tape drives. The driver works not so well with disk drives. The PC Card version appears to work better than the ISA version, but that may be due to differing levels of testing of the devices. BSD November 8, 2003 BSD
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