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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for extutils::mm_win32 (redhat section 3pm)

ExtUtils::MM_Win32(3pm) 	 Perl Programmers Reference Guide	  ExtUtils::MM_Win32(3pm)

       ExtUtils::MM_Win32 - methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker

	use ExtUtils::MM_Win32; # Done internally by ExtUtils::MakeMaker if needed

       See ExtUtils::MM_Unix for a documentation of the methods provided there. This package
       overrides the implementation of these methods, not the semantics.

       constants (o)
	   Initializes lots of constants and .SUFFIXES and .PHONY

       static_lib (o)
	   Defines how to produce the *.a (or equivalent) files.

       dynamic_bs (o)
	   Defines targets for bootstrap files.

       dynamic_lib (o)
	   Defines how to produce the *.so (or equivalent) files.

	   Takes one argument, a file name, and returns the file name, if the argument is likely
	   to be a perl script. On MM_Unix this is true for any ordinary, readable file.

	   Defines target that copies all files in the hash PM to their destination and
	   autosplits them. See "DESCRIPTION" in ExtUtils::Install

       tool_autosplit (override)
	   Use Win32 quoting on command line.

       tools_other (o)
	   Win32 overrides.

	   Defines SHELL, LD, TOUCH, CP, MV, RM_F, RM_RF, CHMOD, UMASK_NULL in the Makefile. Also
	   defines the perl programs MKPATH, WARN_IF_OLD_PACKLIST, MOD_INSTALL. DOC_INSTALL, and

       xs_o (o)
	   Defines suffix rules to go from XS to object files directly. This is only intended for
	   broken make implementations.

       top_targets (o)
	   Defines the targets all, subdirs, config, and O_FILES

       manifypods (o)
	   We don't want manpage process.

       dist_ci (o)
	   Same as MM_Unix version (changes command-line quoting).

       dist_core (o)
	   Same as MM_Unix version (changes command-line quoting).

       pasthru (o)
	   Defines the string that is passed to recursive make calls in subdirectories.

perl v5.8.0				    2002-06-01			  ExtUtils::MM_Win32(3pm)

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