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XmTrackingLocate(library call)					   XmTrackingLocate(library call)

       XmTrackingLocate -- A Toolkit function that provides a modal interaction

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       Widget XmTrackingLocate(
       Widget widget,
       Cursor cursor,
       Boolean confine_to);

       XmTrackingLocate  provides a modal interface for selection of a component.  It is intended
       to support context help.  This function is implemented as XmTrackingEvent.

       NOTE: This function is obsolete and exists for compatibility with  previous  releases.  It
       has been replaced by XmTrackingEvent.

       widget	 Specifies  the  widget  ID of a widget to use as the basis of the modal interac-
		 tion. That is, the widget within which the interaction  must  occur,  usually	a
		 top-level shell.

       cursor	 Specifies the cursor to be used for the pointer during the interaction.  This is
		 a standard X cursor name.

		 Specifies whether or not the cursor should be confined to widget

       Returns the widget or gadget that contains the pointer when BSelect is released or  a  key
       is released. If no widget or gadget contains the pointer, the function returns NULL.


								   XmTrackingLocate(library call)
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