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XmStringPeekNextComponent(library call) 		  XmStringPeekNextComponent(library call)

       XmStringPeekNextComponent -- A compound string function that returns the component type of
       the next component to be fetched

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       XmStringComponentType XmStringPeekNextComponent(
       XmStringContext context);

       This function is obsolete and exists for  compatibility	with  previous	releases.  It  is
       replaced by XmStringPeekNextTriple.  XmStringPeekNextComponent examines the next component
       that would be fetched by XmStringGetNextComponent and returns the component type.

       context	 Specifies the string context structure that was allocated by  the  XmStringInit-
		 Context function

       Returns the type of component found.  Refer to the XmStringComponentType(3) reference page
       for a list of component types.

       XmStringComponentType(3),     XmStringCreate(3),     XmStringGetNextComponent(3),      and

							  XmStringPeekNextComponent(library call)
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