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XmStringIsVoid(library call)					     XmStringIsVoid(library call)

       XmStringIsVoid -- A compound string function that provides information on the existence of
       non-zero-length text components, tab components, or separator components

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       Boolean XmStringIsVoid(
       XmString s1);

       XmStringIsVoid returns a Boolean value indicating whether or not string s1 is void.

       s1	 Specifies the compound string

       Returns True if any non-zero-length text components, tab components, or	separator  compo-
       nents exist in s1.  That is, the function returns True if the string has no text, tabs, or
       separators.  If s1 contains the NULL string, the function returns True.


								     XmStringIsVoid(library call)
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