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XmStringExtent(library call)					     XmStringExtent(library call)

       XmStringExtent -- A compound string function that determines the size of the smallest rec-
       tangle that will enclose the compound string

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       void XmStringExtent(
       XmRenderTable rendertable,
       XmString string,
       Dimension *width,
       Dimension *height);

       XmStringExtent determines the width and height, in pixels, of the smallest rectangle  that
       will enclose the provided compound string.

		 Specifies the render table

       string	 Specifies the string

       width	 Specifies a pointer to the width of the rectangle

       height	 Specifies a pointer to the height of the rectangle


								     XmStringExtent(library call)
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