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XmStringCreateSimple(library call)			       XmStringCreateSimple(library call)

       XmStringCreateSimple  --  A compound string function that creates a compound string in the
       language environment of a widget

       #include <Xm/Xm.h>
       XmString XmStringCreateSimple(
       char * text);

       XmStringCreateSimple creates a compound string with a text component and  a  charset  tag.
       It derives the character set from the current language environment.

       The  routine  attempts  to  derive  a character set from the value of the LANG environment
       variable.  If this does not result in a valid character set, the routine  uses  a  vendor-
       specific  default.   If	the  vendor  has not specified a different value, this default is

       The function will allocate space to hold the returned compound string.  The application is
       responsible  for  managing the allocated space.	The application can recover the allocated
       space by calling XmStringFree.

       NOTE: This routine is obsolete and exists for compatibility with previous releases. It has
       been replaced by XmStringCreateLocalized.

       text	 Specifies  a NULL-terminated string to be used as the text component of the com-
		 pound string.

       Returns a new compound string.

       XmStringCreate(3) and XmStringCreateLocalized(3).

							       XmStringCreateSimple(library call)
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