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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for xmlistreplaceitemsunselected (redhat section 3)

XmListReplaceItemsUnselected(library call)				   XmListReplaceItemsUnselected(library call)

XmListReplaceItemsUnselected -- A List function that replaces items in a list
#include <Xm/List.h> void XmListReplaceItemsUnselected( Widget widget, XmString *old_items, int item_count, XmString *new_items);
XmListReplaceItemsUnselected replaces each specified item in the list with a corresponding new item. The replacement items remain unselected, even if they currently appear in the XmNselectedItems list. widget Specifies the ID of the List widget to replace items in. old_items Specifies a pointer to the list items to be replaced. item_count Specifies the number of elements in old_items and new_items. This number must be nonnegative. new_items Specifies a pointer to the replacement items. Every occurrence of each element of old_items is replaced with the corresponding element from new_items. That is, the first element of old_items is replaced with the first element of new_items. The second element of old_items is replaced with the second element of new_items, and so on until item_count is reached. If an element in old_items does not exist in the list, the corresponding entry in new_items is skipped. For a complete definition of List and its associated resources, see XmList(3).
XmList(3). XmListReplaceItemsUnselected(library call)

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