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XmImCloseXIM(library call)					       XmImCloseXIM(library call)

       XmImCloseXIM -- An input manager function that releases the input method associated with a
       specified widget

       #include <Xm/XmIm.h>
       void XmImCloseXIM(
       Widget widget);

       XmImCloseXIM closes all input contexts associated with the Input Method	(IM)  of  widget.
       widget is used to identify the Display that specifies the Input Method opened for the wid-
       get. Upon closure, all widgets registered with the input contexts are unregistered.  Also,
       the Input Method specified by Display is closed.

       widget	 Specifies the ID of a widget whose reference Input Method is to be closed.

       XmImGetXIM(3) and XmImRegister(3).

								       XmImCloseXIM(library call)
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