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XmContainerPasteLink(library call)			       XmContainerPasteLink(library call)

       XmContainerPasteLink -- Container widget function to insert links from the clipboard

       #include <Xm/Container.h>
       Boolean XmContainerPasteLink(
       Widget container);

       XmContainerPasteLink requests data transfer from the clipboard selection to the Container.
       This routine calls the widget's XmNdestinationCallback procedures with the selection  mem-
       ber  of the XmDestinationCallbackStruct set to CLIPBOARD and with the operation member set
       to XmLINK.  The Container widget itself performs no transfers; the  XmNdestinationCallback
       procedures  are responsible for inserting the link to the clipboard selection and for tak-
       ing any related actions.

       container Specifies the Container widget ID.

       For a complete definition of Container and its associated resources, see XmContainer(3).

       The function returns False if no data transfer takes place.  Otherwise, it returns True.


							       XmContainerPasteLink(library call)
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