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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for xltfontchooser (redhat section 3)

(3)						Free Widget Foundation						  (3)

The XltFontChooser widget allows a user to select a font by choosing its XLFD font name fields. The widget is subclassed from XmMessageBox which means it inherits its behavior. This is a rather simple widget (less than 600 lines), it can create a hell of a widget hierarchy though. Editres will amaze you. Public variables +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | XltFontChooser | |Name | Class | Type | Default | |XltNshowDemo | XltCShowDemo | Boolean | True | |XltNfontName | XltCFontName | String | NULL | |XltNdemoString | XltCDemoString | String | "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." | |XltNcountString | XltCCountString | String | "%d matching fonts" | |XltNpattern | XltCPattern | String | "-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*" | |XltNsortCriteria | XltNSortCriteria | String | "aaaaaannnnanaa" | | | | | | +-----------------+------------------+---------+------------------------------------------------+ XltNshowDemo Whether to show a string in the font selected by the user. (Or the first one that applies the selec- tion, if multiple). XltNfontName This is the name of the selected font. XltNdemoString This string is shown to demonstrate the selected font. XltNcountString This string is used to print the amount of matching fonts. XltNpattern This string is used to specify the initial query for fonts. The default value will retrieve all fonts with XLFD compliant names. XltNsortCriteria This string of exactly 14 characters indicates the sorting order used for the menu buttons. n or N mean numeric, a or A indicate alphabetic sort order, any other character means don't sort. Selected inherited resources XmNokCallback Allows an application to get a call, query XltNfontName using GetValues, and take appropriate action. XmNcancelCallback
These manuals of the superclasses describe the inherited resources : Object(3) Rect(3) UnNamedObj(3) Core(3) XmManager(3) XmBulletinBoard(3) XmMessageBox(3) Version 3.0 (3)

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