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UNDOCUMENTED(3) 		    Linux Programmer's Manual			  UNDOCUMENTED(3)

       none - undocumented library functions

       Undocumented library functions

       This  man  page	mentions  those  library  functions which are implemented in the standard
       libraries but not yet documented in man pages.

       If you have information about these functions, please look in the source code, write a man
       page  (using  a style similar to that of the other Linux section 3 man pages), and send it
       to aeb@cwi.nl for inclusion in the next man page release.

       addseverity aio_cancel aio_error aio_fsync aio_read aio_return aio_suspend aio_write back-
       trace  backtrace_symbols  backtrace_symbols_fd canonicalize_file_name carg cbc_crypt cfree
       cfsetspeed cimag conj cproj creal des_setparity dn_skipname  ecb_crypt  endnetgrent  exp10
       fclean  fcrypt fdim fedisableexcept feenableexcept fegetexcept fgetgrent_r fgetpwent_r fma
       fmax fmemopen fmin fmtmsg fopencookie fpclassify fp_nquery fp_query  fp_resstat	freadable
       freading  fstatvfs  fwriteable  fwriting get_avphys_pages getgrent_r getgrid_r getgrname_r
       getgrnam_r getgrouplist gethostbyaddr_r getmntent_r getnetgrent	getnetgrent_r  getnetname
       get_nprocs  get_nprocs_conf  get_phys_pages getpt getpublickey getpwent_r getpwnam_r getp-
       wuid_r getsecretkey getutent_r getutid_r getutline_r getutmp  getutmpx  grantpt	h_errlist
       host2netname  hostalias	if_freenameindex if_indextoname if_nameindex if_nametoindex ilogb
       imaxdiv inet_nsap_addr inet_nsap_ntoa  init_des	initstate_r  innetgr  isfinite	isgreater
       isgreaterequal	 isless   islessequal	islessgreater	isnormal   isunordered	 lgamma_r
       libc_nls_init lio_listio log2 logb login logout mallinfo  mallopt  mempcpy  mprobe  mstats
       netname2host   netname2user  nlist  obstack_free  obstack  stuff  offsetof  open_memstream
       parse_printf_format passwd2des p_cdname p_cdnname p_class p_fqname p_option pow10  p_query
       printf_size  printf_size_info  program_invocation_name  program_invocation_short_name p_rr
       p_time ptsname ptsname_r p_type	putlong  putshort  random_r  rand_r  rawmemchr	readdir_r
       re_compile_fastmap   re_compile_pattern	 register_printf_function   re_match   re_match_2
       re_rx_search  re_search	re_search_2  re_set_registers	re_set_syntax	res_send_setqhook
       res_send_setrhook rexec rpmatch rtime ruserpass setfileno sethostfile setkey_r setnetgrent
       setstate_r signbit sincos srandom_r statvfs strchrnul strverscmp  svc_exit  svcudp_enable-
       cache  syscall  sysv_signal  tell  tgamma  tmpnam_r tr_break ttyname_r tzsetwall ufc_dofi-
       nalperm ufc_doit unlockpt user2netname utmpxname versionsort vlimit vtimes wcschrnul wcsf-
       time wmempcpy wordexp wordfree wscanf xdecrypt xdr_authdes_cred xdr_authdes_verf xdr_cryp-
       tkeyarg xdr_cryptkeyres xdr_datum xdr_des_block xdr_domainname  xdr_getcredres  xdr_keybuf
       xdr_keystatus  xdr_mapname  xdr_netnamestr  xdr_netobj  xdr_passwd  xdr_peername  xdr_rmt-
       call_args  xdr_rmtcallres   xdr_unixcred   xdr_yp_buf   xdr_yp_inaddr   xdr_ypbind_binding
       xdr_ypbind_resp	 xdr_ypbind_resptype  xdr_ypbind_setdom  xdr_ypdelete_args  xdr_ypmaplist
       xdr_ypmaplist_str    xdr_yppasswd     xdr_ypreq_key     xdr_ypreq_nokey	   xdr_ypresp_all
       xdr_ypresp_all_seq	xdr_ypresp_key_val	xdr_ypresp_maplist	xdr_ypresp_master
       xdr_ypresp_order  xdr_ypresp_val  xdr_ypstat  xdr_ypupdate_args	xdrstdio_create  xencrypt
       yp_all  yp_bind	yperr_string yp_first yp_get_default_domain yp_maplist yp_master yp_match
       yp_next yp_order ypprot_err yp_unbind yp_update

Linux					    2001-09-24				  UNDOCUMENTED(3)
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