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STRTOK(3)			    Linux Programmer's Manual				STRTOK(3)

       strtok, strtok_r - extract tokens from strings

       #include <string.h>

       char *strtok(char *s, const char *delim);

       char *strtok_r(char *s, const char *delim, char **ptrptr);

       A  `token'  is a nonempty string of characters not occurring in the string delim, followed
       by \0 or by a character occurring in delim.

       The strtok() function can be used to parse the string s into tokens.  The  first  call  to
       strtok() should have s as its first argument. Subsequent calls should have the first argu-
       ment set to NULL. Each call returns a pointer to the next token,  or  NULL  when  no  more
       tokens are found.

       If a token ends with a delimiter, this delimiting character is overwritten with a \0 and a
       pointer to the next character is saved for the  next  call  to  strtok().   The	delimiter
       string delim may be different for each call.

       The  strtok_r() function is a reentrant version of the strtok() function, which instead of
       using its own static buffer, requires a pointer to a user allocated char*.  This  pointer,
       the ptrptr parameter, must be the same while parsing the same string.

       Never use these functions. If you do, note that:

	      These functions modify their first argument.

	      These functions cannot be used on constant strings.

	      The identity of the delimiting character is lost.

	      The  strtok() function uses a static buffer while parsing, so it's not thread safe.
	      Use strtok_r() if this matters to you.

       The strtok() function returns a pointer to the next token, or NULL if there  are  no  more

	      SVID 3, POSIX, BSD 4.3, ISO 9899


       index(3), memchr(3), rindex(3), strchr(3), strpbrk(3), strsep(3), strspn(3), strstr(3)

GNU					    2000-02-13					STRTOK(3)
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