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Lite(3) 		       User Contributed Perl Documentation			  Lite(3)

       PDL::Lite - minimum PDL module OO loader

       Loads the smallest possible set of modules for PDL to work, without importing an functions
       in to the current namespace. This is the absolute minimum set for PDL.

       Although no functions are defined (apart from a few always exported by PDL::Core) you can
       still use method syntax, viz:


	use PDL::Lite; # Is equivalent to the following:

	  use PDL::Core '';
	  use PDL::Ops '';
	  use PDL::Primitive '';
	  use PDL::Ufunc '';
	  use PDL::Basic '';
	  use PDL::Slices '';
	  use PDL::Bad '';
	  use PDL::Version;
	  use PDL::Lvalue;

perl v5.8.0				    2002-09-11					  Lite(3)
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