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       ldap_abandon - Abandon an LDAP operation in progress

       #include <ldap.h>

       int ldap_abandon(ld, msgid)
       LDAP *ld;
       int msgid;

       The  ldap_abandon()  routine  is  used to abandon or cancel an LDAP operation in progress.
       The msgid passed should be the message id of an outstanding LDAP operation, as returned by
       ldap_search(3), ldap_modify(3), etc.

       ldap_abandon()  checks  to  see if the result of the operation has already come in.  If it
       has, it deletes it from the queue of pending messages.  If not, it sends an  LDAP  abandon
       operation to the the LDAP server.

       The  caller can expect that the result of an abandoned operation will not be returned from
       a future call to ldap_result(3).

       ldap_abandon() returns 0 if everything goes ok, -1 otherwise, setting  ld_errno	appropri-
       ately. See ldap_error(3) for details.

       ldap(3), ldap_result(3), ldap_error(3)

       OpenLDAP  is  developed and maintained by The OpenLDAP Project (http://www.openldap.org/).
       OpenLDAP is derived from University of Michigan LDAP 3.3 Release.

OpenLDAP 2.0.27-Release 		22 September 1998			  LDAP_ABANDON(3)
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