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Gnome(3)		       User Contributed Perl Documentation			 Gnome(3)

       Gnome - Perl module for the Gnome libraries

	       use Gnome;
	       my $app = new Gnome::App("myapp", "myapp window title");
	       $app->create_menus({type => 'subtree', label => '_File',
		       subtree => [
		       ['item', '_Quit', undef, sub {exit}, 'stock', 'Quit'],
	       my $canvas = new Gnome::Canvas;
	       $canvas->set_scroll_region(0, 0, 300, 300);
	       $canvas->set_usize(300, 300);
	       $canvas->root->new($canvas->root, 'Rect',
		       x1 => 10, y1 => 10, x2 => 150, y2 => 250,
		       fill_color => '#0f0ef2', outline_color => 'black');

       The Gtk module allows Perl access to the widgets and other facilities in the Gnome
       libraries. You can find more information about Gnome on http://www.gnome.org.  The Perl
       binding tries to follow the C interface as much as possible, providing at the same time a
       fully object oriented interface and Perl-style calling conventions.

       You will find the reference documentation for the Gnome module in the "Gnome::reference"
       manpage. More information can be found on http://gtkperl.org.

       Kenneth Albanowski, Paolo Molaro

       perl(1), Gtk(3pm), Gtk::reference(3pm), Gnome::reference(3pm)

perl v5.8.0				    2001-06-26					 Gnome(3)
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