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Gnome(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation						  Gnome(3)

Gnome - Perl module for the Gnome libraries
use Gnome; Gnome->init('myapp'); my $app = new Gnome::App("myapp", "myapp window title"); $app->create_menus({type => 'subtree', label => '_File', subtree => [ ['item', '_Quit', undef, sub {exit}, 'stock', 'Quit'], ]}); my $canvas = new Gnome::Canvas; $canvas->set_scroll_region(0, 0, 300, 300); $canvas->set_usize(300, 300); $canvas->root->new($canvas->root, 'Rect', x1 => 10, y1 => 10, x2 => 150, y2 => 250, fill_color => '#0f0ef2', outline_color => 'black'); $app->set_contents($canvas); $app->show_all; Gtk->main;
The Gtk module allows Perl access to the widgets and other facilities in the Gnome libraries. You can find more information about Gnome on The Perl binding tries to follow the C interface as much as possible, providing at the same time a fully object ori- ented interface and Perl-style calling conventions. You will find the reference documentation for the Gnome module in the "Gnome::reference" manpage. More information can be found on
Kenneth Albanowski, Paolo Molaro
perl(1), Gtk(3pm), Gtk::reference(3pm), Gnome::reference(3pm) perl v5.8.0 2001-06-26 Gnome(3)