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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for ether_hostton (redhat section 3)

ETHER_ATON(3)						     Linux Programmer's Manual						     ETHER_ATON(3)

ether_aton, ether_ntoa, ether_ntohost, ether_hosttonn, ether_line, ether_ntoa_r, ether_aton_r - Ethernet address manipulation routines
#include <netinet/ether.h> char * ether_ntoa(const struct ether_addr *addr); struct ether_addr * ether_aton(const char *asc); int ether_ntohost(char *hostname, const struct ether_addr *addr); int ether_hostton(const char *hostname, struct ether_addr *addr); int ether_line(const char *line, struct ether_addr *addr, char *hostname); /* GNU extensions */ char * ether_ntoa_r(const struct ether_addr *addr, char *buf); struct ether_addr * ether_aton_r(const char *asc, struct ether_addr *addr);
ether_aton() converts the 48-bit Ethernet host address asc from the standard hex-digits-and-colons notation into binary data in network byte order and returns a pointer to it in a statically allocated buffer, which subsequent calls will overwrite. ether_aton returns NULL if the address is invalid. The ether_ntoa() function converts the Ethernet host address addr given in network byte order to a string in standard hex-digits-and-colons notation, omitting leading zeroes. The string is returned in a statically allocated buffer, which subsequent calls will overwrite. The ether_ntohost() function maps an Ethernet address to the corresponding hostname in /etc/ethers and returns non-zero if it cannot be found. The ether_hostton() function maps a hostname to the corresponding Ethernet address in /etc/ethers and returns non-zero if it cannot be found. The ether_line() function parses a line in /etc/ethers format (ethernet address followed by whitespace followed by hostname; '#' introduces a comment) and returns an address and hostname pair, or non-zero if it cannot be parsed. The buffer pointed at by hostname must be suffi- ciently long, e.g., have the same length as line. The functions ether_ntoa_r and ether_aton_r are re-entrant threadsafe versions of ether_ntoa and ether_aton respectively, and do not use static buffers. The structure ether_addr is defined in net/ethernet.h as: struct ether_addr { u_int8_t ether_addr_octet[6]; }
The glibc 2.2.5 implementation of ether_line() is broken.
BSD 4.3, SunOS
2002-07-20 ETHER_ATON(3)

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