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curl_getenv(3)				  libcurl Manual			   curl_getenv(3)

       curl_getenv - return value for environment name

       #include <curl/curl.h>

       char *curl_getenv(const char *name);

       curl_getenv() is a portable wrapper for the getenv() function, meant to emulate its behav-
       iour and provide an identical interface	for  all  operating  systems  libcurl  builds  on
       (including win32).

       If  successful, curl_getenv() returns a pointer to the value of the specified environment.
       The memory it refers to is malloc()ed why the application must free() this when	the  data
       has  completed  to serve its purpose. When curl_getenv() fails to find the specified name,
       it returns a null pointer.

       Under unix operating systems, there isn't any point  in	returning  an  allocated  memory,
       although  other	systems  won't	work properly if this isn't done. The unix implementation
       thus have to suffer slightly from the drawbacks of other systems.


       Surely there are some, you tell me!

libcurl 7.8.1				  15 August 2001			   curl_getenv(3)
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