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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for xmtextfieldinsert (redhat section 3)

XmTextFieldInsert(library call) 										   XmTextFieldInsert(library call)

XmTextFieldInsert -- A TextField function that inserts a character string into a text string
#include <Xm/TextF.h> void XmTextFieldInsert( Widget widget, XmTextPosition position, char * value);
XmTextFieldInsert inserts a character string into the text string in the TextField widget. The character positions begin at 0 (zero) and are numbered sequentially from the beginning of the text. For example, to insert a string after the fourth character, the position parame- ter must be 4. This routine calls the widget's XmNvalueChangedCallback and verification callbacks, either XmNmodifyVerifyCallback or XmNmodifyVerifyCall- backWcs, or both. If both verification callback lists are registered, the procedures of the XmNmodifyVerifyCallback list are executed first and the resulting data is passed to the XmNmodifyVerifyCallbackWcs callbacks. If the XmNcursorPosition resource is greater than or is the same value as position, the XmNmotionVerifyCallback is called. widget Specifies the TextField widget ID position Specifies the position in the text string where the character string is to be inserted value Specifies the character string value to be added to the text widget For a complete definition of TextField and its associated resources, see XmTextField(3).
XmTextField(3) and XmTextFieldInsertWcs(3). XmTextFieldInsert(library call)

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