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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for tk_restackwindow (redhat section 3)

Tk_RestackWindow(3)					       Tk Library Procedures					       Tk_RestackWindow(3)


Tk_RestackWindow - Change a window's position in the stacking order
#include <tk.h> int Tk_RestackWindow(tkwin, aboveBelow, other)
Tk_Window tkwin (in) Token for window to restack. int aboveBelow (in) Indicates new position of tkwin relative to other; must be Above or Below. Tk_Window other (in) Tkwin will be repositioned just above or below this window. Must be a sibling of tkwin or a descendant of a sibling. If NULL then tkwin is restacked above or below all siblings. _________________________________________________________________
Tk_RestackWindow changes the stacking order of window relative to its siblings. If other is specified as NULL then window is repositioned at the top or bottom of its stacking order, depending on whether aboveBelow is Above or Below. If other has a non-NULL value then window is repositioned just above or below other. The aboveBelow argument must have one of the symbolic values Above or Below. Both of these values are defined by the include file <X11/Xlib.h>.
above, below, obscure, stacking order Tk Tk_RestackWindow(3)

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