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SDL_UserEvent(3)						 SDL API Reference						  SDL_UserEvent(3)

SDL_UserEvent- A user-defined event type STRUCTURE DEFINITION
typedef struct{ Uint8 type; int code; void *data1; void *data2; } SDL_UserEvent; STRUCTURE DATA
type SDL_USEREVENT through to SDL_NUMEVENTS-1 code User defined event code data1 User defined data pointer data2 User defined data pointer DESCRIPTION
SDL_UserEvent is in the user member of the structure SDL_Event. This event is unique, it is never created by SDL but only by the user. The event can be pushed onto the event queue using SDL_PushEvent. The contents of the structure members or completely up to the programmer, the only requirement is that type is a value from SDL_USEREVENT to SDL_NUMEVENTS-1 (inclusive). EXAMPLES
SDL_Event event; event.type = SDL_USEREVENT; event.user.code = my_event_code; event.user.data1 = significant_data; event.user.data2 = 0; SDL_PushEvent(&event); SEE ALSO
SDL_Event, SDL_PushEvent SDL
Tue 11 Sep 2001, 23:00 SDL_UserEvent(3)

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