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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for sdl_listmodes (redhat section 3)

SDL_ListModes(3)						 SDL API Reference						  SDL_ListModes(3)

SDL_ListModes- Returns a pointer to an array of available screen dimensions for the given format and video flags
#include "SDL.h" SDL_Rect **SDL_ListModes(SDL_PixelFormat *format, Uint32 flags);
Return a pointer to an array of available screen dimensions for the given format and video flags, sorted largest to smallest. Returns NULL if there are no dimensions available for a particular format, or -1 if any dimension is okay for the given format. If format is NULL, the mode list will be for the format returned by SDL_GetVideoInfo()->vfmt. The flag parameter is an OR'd combination of surface flags. The flags are the same as those used SDL_SetVideoMode and they play a strong role in deciding what modes are valid. For instance, if you pass SDL_HWSURFACE as a flag only modes that support hardware video surfaces will be returned.
SDL_Rect **modes; int i; . . . /* Get available fullscreen/hardware modes */ modes=SDL_ListModes(NULL, SDL_FULLSCREEN|SDL_HWSURFACE); /* Check is there are any modes available */ if(modes == (SDL_Rect **)0){ printf("No modes available! "); exit(-1); } /* Check if or resolution is restricted */ if(modes == (SDL_Rect **)-1){ printf("All resolutions available. "); } else{ /* Print valid modes */ printf("Available Modes "); for(i=0;modes[i];++i) printf(" %d x %d ", modes[i]->w, modes[i]->h); } . .
SDL_SetVideoMode, SDL_GetVideoInfo, SDL_Rect, SDL_PixelFormat
Tue 11 Sep 2001, 23:01 SDL_ListModes(3)

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