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SDL_CDStatus(3) 						 SDL API Reference						   SDL_CDStatus(3)

SDL_CDStatus- Returns the current status of the given drive.
#include "SDL.h" CDstatus SDL_CDStatus(SDL_CD *cdrom); /* Given a status, returns true if there's a disk in the drive */ #define CD_INDRIVE(status) ((int)status > 0)
This function returns the current status of the given drive. Status is described like so: typedef enum { CD_TRAYEMPTY, CD_STOPPED, CD_PLAYING, CD_PAUSED, CD_ERROR = -1 } CDstatus; If the drive has a CD in it, the table of contents of the CD and current play position of the CD will be stored in the SDL_CD structure. The macro CD_INDRIVE is provided for convenience, and given a status returns true if there's a disk in the drive. Note: SDL_CDStatus also updates the SDL_CD structure passed to it.
int playTrack(int track) { int playing = 0; if ( CD_INDRIVE(SDL_CDStatus(cdrom)) ) { /* clamp to the actual number of tracks on the CD */ if (track >= cdrom->numtracks) { track = cdrom->numtracks-1; } if ( SDL_CDPlayTracks(cdrom, track, 0, 1, 0) == 0 ) { playing = 1; } } return playing; }
Tue 11 Sep 2001, 22:58 SDL_CDStatus(3)

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