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NKF(3)							User Contributed Perl Documentation						    NKF(3)

NKF - Perl extension for Network Kanji Filter
use NKF; $output = nkf("-s",$input);
This is a Perl Extension version of nkf (Netowrk Kanji Filter ) 1.7. It converts the last argument and return converted result. Conversion details are specified by flags before the last argument. Flags: "b,u Output is bufferred (DEFAULT),Output is unbufferred" "j,s,e Outout code is JIS 7 bit (DEFAULT), Shift JIS, AT&T JIS (EUC)" "J,S,E Input assumption is JIS 7 bit , Shift JIS, AT&T JIS (EUC)" "t no conversion" "i_ Output sequence to designate JIS-kanji (DEFAULT B)" "o_ Output sequence to designate ASCII (DEFAULT B)" "r {de/en}crypt ROT13/47" "m[BQ] MIME decode [B:base64 stream,Q:quoted stream]" "l ISO8859-1 (Latin-1) support" "f Folding: "-f60" or "-f"" "Z[0-2] Convert X0208 alphabet to ASCII 1: Kankaku to space,2: 2 spaces" "X,x Assume X0201 kana in MS-Kanji, "-x" preserves X0201" "B[0-2] Broken input 0: missing ESC,1: any X on ESC-[($]-X,2: ASCII on NL" "d,c Delete \r in line feed, Add \r in line feed"
Network Kanji Filter Version 1.7 (1/9811/Shinji Kono) Copyright (C) 1987, FUJITSU LTD. (I.Ichikawa),1997 S. Kono, COW
perl(1). nkf(1) perl v5.8.0 1998-11-16 NKF(3)