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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for mrmfetchcolorliteral (redhat section 3)

MrmFetchColorLiteral(library call)										MrmFetchColorLiteral(library call)

MrmFetchColorLiteral -- Fetches a named color literal from a UID file
#include <Mrm/MrmPublic.h> Cardinal MrmFetchColorLiteral( MrmHierarchy hierarchy_id, String index, Display *display, Colormap colormap_id, Pixel *pixel);
The MrmFetchColorLiteral function fetches a named color literal from a UID file, and converts the color literal to a pixel color value. hierarchy_id Specifies the ID of the UID hierarchy that contains the specified literal. The value of hierarchy_id was returned in a previous call to MrmOpenHierarchyPerDisplay. index Specifies the UIL name of the color literal to fetch. You must define this name in UIL as an exported value. display Specifies the display used for the pixmap. The display argument specifies the connection to the X server. For more information on the Display structure, see the Xlib function XOpenDisplay. colormap_id Specifies the ID of the color map. If colormap_id is NULL, the default color map is used. pixel Returns the ID of the color literal.
This function returns one of the following status return constants: MrmSUCCESS The function executed successfully. MrmBAD_HIERARCHY The hierarchy ID was invalid. MrmNOT_FOUND The color literal was not found in the UIL file. MrmWRONG_TYPE The caller tried to fetch a literal of a type not supported by this function. MrmFAILURE The function failed.
MrmFetchBitmapLiteral(3), MrmOpenHierarchyPerDisplay(3), MrmFetchIconLiteral(3), MrmFetchLiteral(3), and XOpenDisplay(3). MrmFetchColorLiteral(library call)

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