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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for mrmfetchbitmapliteral (redhat section 3)

MrmFetchBitmapLiteral(library call)									       MrmFetchBitmapLiteral(library call)

MrmFetchBitmapLiteral -- Fetches a bitmap literal from a hierarchy
#include <Mrm/MrmPublic.h> Cardinal MrmFetchBitmapLiteral( MrmHierarchy hierarchy_id, String index, Screen *screen, Display *display, Pixmap *pixmap_return, Dimension *width, Dimension *height);
The MrmFetchBitmapLiteral function fetches a bitmap literal from an MRM hierarchy, and converts the bitmap literal to an X pixmap of depth 1. The function returns this pixmap and its width and height. hierarchy_id Specifies the ID of the UID hierarchy that contains the specified icon literal. The value of hierarchy_id was returned in a pre- vious call to MrmOpenHierarchyPerDisplay. index Specifies the UIL name of the bitmap literal to fetch. screen Specifies the screen used for the pixmap. The screen argument specifies a pointer to the Xlib structure Screen which contains the information about that screen and is linked to the Display structure. For more information on the Display and Screen struc- tures, see the Xlib function XOpenDisplay and the associated screen information macros. display Specifies the display used for the pixmap. The display argument specifies the connection to the X server. For more information on the Display structure, see the Xlib function XOpenDisplay. pixmap_return Returns the resulting X pixmap value. The function allocates space for this pixmap. The application is responsible for managing the allocated space. The application can recover the allocated space by calling XmDestroyPixmap. width Specifies a pointer to the width of the pixmap. height Specifies a pointer to the height of the pixmap.
This function returns one of the following status return constants: MrmSUCCESS The function executed successfully. MrmBAD_HIERARCHY The hierarchy ID was invalid. MrmNOT_FOUND The bitmap literal was not found in the hierarchy. MrmWRONG_TYPE The caller tried to fetch a literal of a type not supported by this function. MrmFAILURE The function failed.
MrmFetchIconLiteral(3), MrmFetchLiteral(3), and XOpenDisplay(3). MrmFetchBitmapLiteral(library call)

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