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mpi_file_get_atomicity(3) [redhat man page]

MPI_File_get_atomicity(3)					       MPI-2						 MPI_File_get_atomicity(3)

MPI_File_get_atomicity - Returns the atomicity mode SYNOPSIS
#include "mpi.h" int MPI_File_get_atomicity(MPI_File fh, int *flag) INPUT PARAMETERS
fh - file handle (handle) OUTPUT PARAMETERS
flag - true if atomic mode, false if nonatomic mode (logical) NOTES FOR FORTRAN
All MPI routines in Fortran (except for 'MPI_WTIME' and 'MPI_WTICK') have an additional argument 'ierr' at the end of the argument list. the routine in C. In Fortran, MPI routines are subroutines and are invoked with the 'call' statement. All MPI objects (e.g., 'MPI_Datatype', 'MPI_Comm', 'MPI_File') are of type 'INTEGER' in Fortran. 2/5/1998 MPI_File_get_atomicity(3)

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