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mpi_dup_fn(3) [redhat man page]

MPI_DUP_FN(3)							      LAM/MPI							     MPI_DUP_FN(3)

MPI_DUP_FN - Built-in MPI function to simple-mindedly copy communicator attributes. SYNOPSIS
#include <mpi.h> int MPI_DUP_FN(MPI_Comm comm, int key, void *extra, void *attrin, void *attrout, int *flag) INPUT PARAMETERS
comm - communicator (handle) key - key value (integer) extra - extra state attrin - in value for attribute OUTPUT PARAMETERS
attrout - out value for attribute flag - 1 if attribute copied successfully, 0 otherwise (logical) NOTES
This function is deprecated. It has been replaced with an MPI-2 function (see the "See also" section, below), which provides the same functionality. This function is (or effectively is) a wrapper to the replacement function, anyway. User programs should use the MPI-2 replacement function instead of this function. Some functions are deprecated because their names did not conform to the stricter naming conventions of MPI-2; others are deprecated because they have been replaced with more flexible functionality. SEE ALSO
Note that the C typedefs MPI_Copy_function and MPI_MPI_Delete_function are also deprecated, in favor of their new names - MPI_Comm_copy_function , MPI_Comm_delete_function . Additionally, the MPI constants MPI_NULL_COPY_FN and MPI_NULL_DELETE_FN are also deprecated in favor of their new names - MPI_COMM_NULL_COPY_FN and MPI_COMM_NULL_DELETE_FN . MORE INFORMATION
For more information, please see the official MPI Forum web site, which contains the text of both the MPI-1 and MPI-2 standards. These documents contain detailed information about each MPI function (most of which is not duplicated in these man pages). ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS
The LAM Team would like the thank the MPICH Team for the handy program to generate man pages ("doctext" from ing/sowing.tar.gz ), the initial formatting, and some initial text for most of the MPI-1 man pages. LOCATION
dupfn.c LAM
/MPI 6.5.8 11/10/2002 MPI_DUP_FN(3)

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