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bn_cmp(3) [redhat man page]

BN_cmp(3)							      OpenSSL								 BN_cmp(3)

BN_cmp, BN_ucmp, BN_is_zero, BN_is_one, BN_is_word, BN_is_odd - BIGNUM comparison and test functions SYNOPSIS
#include <openssl/bn.h> int BN_cmp(BIGNUM *a, BIGNUM *b); int BN_ucmp(BIGNUM *a, BIGNUM *b); int BN_is_zero(BIGNUM *a); int BN_is_one(BIGNUM *a); int BN_is_word(BIGNUM *a, BN_ULONG w); int BN_is_odd(BIGNUM *a); DESCRIPTION
BN_cmp() compares the numbers a and b. BN_ucmp() compares their absolute values. BN_is_zero(), BN_is_one() and BN_is_word() test if a equals 0, 1, or w respectively. BN_is_odd() tests if a is odd. BN_is_zero(), BN_is_one(), BN_is_word() and BN_is_odd() are macros. RETURN VALUES
BN_cmp() returns -1 if a < b, 0 if a == b and 1 if a > b. BN_ucmp() is the same using the absolute values of a and b. BN_is_zero(), BN_is_one() BN_is_word() and BN_is_odd() return 1 if the condition is true, 0 otherwise. SEE ALSO
BN_cmp(), BN_ucmp(), BN_is_zero(), BN_is_one() and BN_is_word() are available in all versions of SSLeay and OpenSSL. BN_is_odd() was added in SSLeay 0.8. 0.9.7a 2000-01-26 BN_cmp(3)

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