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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for zoom (redhat section 1)

XScreenSaver(1) 		     General Commands Manual			  XScreenSaver(1)

       zoom - wander around magified desktop

       zoom  [-display	host:display.screen]  [-foreground  color]  [-background color] [-window]
       [-root] [-mono] [-install] [-visual visual] [-delay usecs]  [-lenses]  [-pixwidth  pixels]
       [-pixheight   pixels]   [-pixspacex  pixels]  [-pixspacey  pixels]  [-lensoffsetx  pixels]
       [-lensoffsety pixels]

       The zoom program takes an image, magnifies it, and scrolls around it, fatbits-style.

       The image that it manipulates will be grabbed from the portion of  the  screen  underlying
       the  window, or from the system's video input, or from a random file on disk, as indicated
       by  the	grabDesktopImages,  grabVideoFrames,  and  chooseRandomImages  options	 in   the
       ~/.xscreensaver file; see xscreensaver-demo(1) for more details.

       zoom accepts the following options:

       -window Draw on a newly-created window.	This is the default.

       -root   Draw on the root window.

       -mono   If on a color display, pretend we're on a monochrome display.

	       Install a private colormap for the window.

       -visual visual
	       Specify	which visual to use.  Legal values are the name of a visual class, or the
	       id number (decimal or hex) of a specific visual.

       -delay microseconds
	       Slow it down.

       -lenses Instead of doing magnification we just copy an offset  region  from  the  original
	       image.	If  lensoffsetx < pixwidth (and similarly for Y) then consecutive regions
	       will overlap, giving the effect of looking through an array of lenses.

       -pixwidth pixels
	       Width of the magnified pixels.

       -pixheight pixels
	       Height of the magnified pixels.

       -pixspacex pixels
	       Amount of black space between magnified pixels (X direction).

       -pixspacey pixels
	       Amount of black space between magnified pixels (Y direction).

       -lensoffsetx pixels
	       Distance in X direction between consective copied  regions  (only  effective  when
	       -lenses used).

       -lensoffsety pixels
	       Distance  in  Y	direction  between consective copied regions (only effective when
	       -lenses used).


       DISPLAY to get the default host and display number.

	       to get the name of a resource file that overrides the global resources  stored  in
	       the RESOURCE_MANAGER property.

       X(1), xscreensaver(1), xscreensaver-demo(1), xscreensaver-getimage(1)

       Copyright  (C)  2000  by James Macnicol.  Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute, and
       sell this software and its documentation for any purpose is hereby  granted  without  fee,
       provided that the above copyright notice appear in all copies and that both that copyright
       notice and this permission notice appear in supporting documentation.  No  representations
       are  made  about the suitability of this software for any purpose.  It is provided "as is"
       without express or implied warranty.

       James Macnicol <james.macnicol@mailexcite.com>, 20-Nov-2000.  Much  code  was  shamelessly
       stolen from the spotlight hack and a few others.

X Version 11				   20-Nov-2000				  XScreenSaver(1)

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