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xaumix(1)				  user commands 				xaumix(1)

       xaumix - aumix wrapper for X

       xaumix  is  a  wrapper  to  select one of rxvt, xterm, kterm, or one of the other possible
       xterm "clones", and to launch that with aumix running in it. For some X terminal emulators
       an  aumix colour scheme file is used to generate a sensible display (for example, rxvt and
       xterm behave differently with respect to the handling of colours).

       This script was originally intended for use from the Debian menu system, but may  also  be
       invoked manually from a shell.  The GTK+ interface to aumix largely supersedes it.

       Paul Slootman <paul@debian.org>, originally called aumix-X-wrapper.

       aumix(1), xterm(1x), rxvt(1), eterm(1), kterm(1), wterm(1), xvt(1)

Linux					    1999/10/08					xaumix(1)
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