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X3270IF(1)									       X3270IF(1)

       x3270if - command interface to x3270, c3270 and s3270

       x3270if [ -v ] action [ ( param [ ,... ] ) ]
       x3270if [ -v ] -s field
       x3270if -i

       x3270if	provides  an  interface  between scripts and the 3270 emulators x3270, c3270, and

       x3270if performs one of three functions.  In action mode (the default), it passes a single
       action and optional parameters to the emulator for execution; the result of the command is
       written to standard output.  In status mode, it reports to standard output  the	value  of
       one  of	the  emulator's  status fields.  In iterative mode, it forms a continuous conduit
       between a script and the emulator.

       -v     Turns on verbose debug messages, showing the literal data that  is  passed  between
	      the emulator and x3270if.

       -s field
	      Puts  x3270if  in  status  mode:	it outputs the value of an emulator status field.
	      Field is an integer in the range 0 through 11.  The value 0 is a no-op and is  used
	      only  to return exit status indicating the state of the emulator.  The indices 1-11
	      and meanings of each field are documented on the x3270-script(1) manual page.

       -i     Puts x3270if in iterative mode.  Data from x3270if's standard input  is  copied  to
	      the  emulator's  script  input; data from the emulator's script output is copied to
	      x3270if's standard output.  x3270if runs until it detects end-of-file on its  stan-
	      dard input or on the output from the emulator.  (This mode exists primarily to give
	      expect(1) a process to run, on systems which do not support bidirectional pipes.)

       In action mode, if the requested action succeeds, x3270if exits with  status  0.   If  the
       action fails, x3270if exits with status 1.  In iterative mode, x3270if exits with status 0
       when it encounters end-of-file.	If there is an operational error within  x3270if  itself,
       such  as  a  command-line  syntax  error, missing environment variable, or an unexpectedly
       closed pipe, x3270if exits with status 2.

       x3270, c3270, and s3270 use a pair of pipes for communication  with  each  child  process.
       The  values of the file descriptors for these pipes are encoded as text in two environment
       variables, which are required by x3270if:

	      Output from the emulator, input to the child process.

	      Input to the emulator, output from the child process.

       x3270(1), c3270(1), s3270(1), x3270-script(1)

       Copyright 1999, 2000 by Paul Mattes.
	      Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its documentation
	      for  any	purpose  and without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above copy-
	      right notice appear in all copies and that both that copyright notice and this per-
	      mission notice appear in supporting documentation.

					   01 May 2002				       X3270IF(1)
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