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WALL(1) 			       Linux User's Manual				  WALL(1)

       wall -- send a message to everybody's terminal.

       wall [ message ]

       Wall  sends a message to everybody logged in with their mesg(1) permission set to yes. The
       message can be given as an argument to wall, or it can be sent to wall's  standard  input.
       When  using  the standard input from a terminal, the message should be terminated with the
       EOF key (usually Control-D).

       The length of the message is limited to 20 lines.

       There is an undocumented (well not anymore..) option,  "-n",  that  supresses  the  banner
       printed	by  wall .  This is for usage by rwalld (8).  Wall will not allow you to use that
       flag if wall is installed set-group-id and the user executing wall is not root.

       For every invocation of wall a notification will  be  written  to  syslog,  with  facility
       LOG_USER and level LOG_INFO.

       Wall  ignores  the  TZ  variable  - the time printed in the banner is based on the systems
       local time.

       mesg(1), rpc.rwalld(8).

       Miquel van Smoorenburg, miquels@cistron.nl

					12 September 2000				  WALL(1)
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