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MESG(1) 			       Linux User's Manual				  MESG(1)

       mesg - control write access to your terminal

       mesg [y|n]

       Mesg controls the access to your terminal by others.  It's typically used to allow or dis-
       allow other users to write to your terminal (see write(1)).

       y      Allow write access to your terminal.

       n      Disallow write access to your terminal.

       If no option is given, mesg prints out the current access state of your terminal.

       Mesg assumes that it's standard input is connected to your terminal. That also means  that
       if  you are logged in multiple times, you can get/set the mesg status of other sessions by
       using redirection.  For example "mesg n < /dev/pts/46".

       Miquel van Smoorenburg (miquels@cistron.nl)

       talk(1), write(1), wall(1)

					   Feb 26, 2001 				  MESG(1)
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