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vboxctrl(1)			   Linux System Administration			      vboxctrl(1)

       vboxctrl - control vbox functions

       vboxctrl [{-c | -r}] {-a | -n | -p | -j} [-s spool]
       vboxctrl -v

       vboxctrl controls a number of vbox functions. The user's password is asked before perform-
       ing the requested action.

       -c, --create
	      Creates a control file.

       -r, --remove
	      Removes a control file (default).

       -n, --answernow
	      Control file "vboxctrl-answernow".

       -a, --answerall
	      Control file "vboxctrl-answerall".

       -p, --stop
	      Control file "vboxctrl-stop".

       -j, --reject
	      Control file "vboxctrl-reject".

       -s, --spooldir
	      Spooldirectory in which to create/remove control files.

       -v, --version
	      Displays package version.

       -h, --help
	      Displays a usage message.
	      The spool directory is taken from one of the following:

       1      the default builtin value

       2      The value of the environment variable VBOXSPOOL, if set.	3 The  directory  of  the
	      command line option "--spooldir".

       vbox(1), vboxd(8)

       This  manual page was written by Paul Slootman <paul@debian.org>, for Debian GNU/Linux and

ISDN 4 Linux 3.1pre4			    1998/12/02				      vboxctrl(1)
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