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V5PASSWD(1)									      V5PASSWD(1)

       v5passwd - change a user's Kerberos password

       v5passwd [ -u username[/instance][@realm] ]

       The  v5passwd  command  is  used to change a Kerberos principal's password using the older
       administrative protocol.

       If the -u option is specified, a partially or fully qualified Kerberos  principal  may  be
       supplied.  Otherwise, the principal name is derived from the identity of the user invoking
       the v5passwd command.

       The v5passwd command prompts for the current Kerberos password,	which is verified by  the
       Kerberos  server.   If the old password is correct, the user is prompted twice for the new
       password.  Success or failure is indicated by messages printed out by v5passwd.

       /tmp/tkt_kpw_[uid]  the temporary credentials cache ([uid] is the decimal UID of the user)
			   for the lifetime of the password changing operation.

       kadmin(8), kadmind(8), v5passwdd(8)

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