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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for swig (redhat section 1)

swig(1) 		    Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator			  swig(1)

       swig - produce scripting language wrapper code from an interface specification file

       swig [ options ] file.i

       swig generates wrapper code needed to integrate C,C++, and Objective-C functions and vari-
       ables with Tcl, Perl, Python, and Guile and produces documentation.  Consult the SWIG user
       manual for more details.

       The  following  major  options  are  available. More options are available by typing 'swig

       -tcl		 Generate Tcl wrappers

       -tcl8		 Generate Tcl8.0 wrappers

       -perl5		 Generate Perl5 wrappers

       -python		 Generate Python wrappers

       -perl4		 Generate Perl4 wrappers

       -guile		 Generate Guile-iii wrappers

       -dascii		 Generate ASCII format documentation

       -dlatex		 Generate LaTeX format documentation

       -dhtml		 Generate HTML format documentation

       -dnone		 Generate no documentation

       -I incdir	 Look in incdir for SWIG related include files

       -llibfile	 Append a SWIG library file to the input.

       -D symbol	 Define a symbol symbol for conditional compilation.

       -v		 verbose mode (perhaps overly verbose)

       -version 	 Print SWIG version information

       -nocoment	 Ignore all comments in interface file

       -strict n	 Set pointer type-checking strictness to n n may be 0, 1 or 2.

       -o outfile	 Change the name of the output file.

       -c		 Do not include SWIG runtime functions (used  for  creating  multi-module

       -c++		 Enable special processing for C++.

       -objc		 Enable Objective-C parsing.

       -make_default	 Generate default constructors and destructors.

       -co		 Check a file out of the SWIG library.

       -ci		 Check a file into the SWIG library (must have write permission)

       -stat		 Display statistics.

       -help		 Print all of the available command line options.

       The  interface  file is specified on the swig command line as the file to operate on.  You
       may specify only one file on the command line.  (See the include directive in  the  user's
       manual for ways around this.)

       As  input, an interface file (typically with a .i suffix) must be given.  A minimal speci-
       fication of this file is as follows:

	%module mymodule
	/* Include your headers here */

	/* List variables and function prototypes in ANSI C syntax */

	For example :

	%module example
	#include "my_header.h"

	extern int My_variable;
	extern double foo(double a, double b);
	extern void bar(char *);

       Given the input "file.i".  swig produces an output  file  called  "file_wrap.c"	(You  can
       override  this  using the -o option). This file should be compiled with the C/C++ compiler
       and linked with the rest of your code.

       SWIG documentation and updates are available at http://www.cs.utah.edu/~beazley/SWIG

       Man page written by Patrick Tullmann.  SWIG is all Dave's.  (Dave Beazley, that is.)

       Hah!  Bring it all on.

       None reported at this time.

       SWIG 1.1

       Tcl(n), python(1), perl(1)

SWIG 1.1				   June 23 1997 				  swig(1)

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