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SNMPDF(1)				     Net-SNMP					SNMPDF(1)

       snmpdf - gets a listing of disk space usage on a remote machine via SNMP

       snmpdf [ common arguments ] [-Cu] hostname

       snmpdf  is simply a networked verison of the typical df command.  It checks the disk space
       on the remote machine by examining the HOST-RESOURCES-MIB's  hrStorageTable  or	the  UCD-
       SNMP-MIB's  dskTable.  By default, the hrStorageTable is prefered as it typically contains
       more information.  However, the -Cu argument can be passed to snmpdf to force the usage of
       the dskTable.

       See  the  snmpd.conf(5) manual page on setting up the dskTable using the disk directive in
       the snmpd.conf file.

       snmpd.conf(5), snmp.conf(5)

4th Berkeley Distribution		   02 Feb 2000					SNMPDF(1)
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