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snapconv(1)							     Emulators							       snapconv(1)

snapconv - Sinclair ZX Spectrum snapshot converter SYNOPSIS
snapconv [ -c ] [ -n ] infile outfile DESCRIPTION
snapconv converts between ZX Spectrum snapshot files. OPTIONS
-c specifies that all data in the output snapshot should be compressed, even if that compression will result in a bigger file than if some data is left uncompressed. This helps compatibility with some buggy programs that can only read entirely compressed .z80 files. -n specifies that the output snapshot should be uncompressed. -f specifies that the A and F and A' and F' registers should be swapped. Version 0.5.0 and older of libspectrum(3) had a bug that resulted in these registers being swapped in SZX snapshots only. Version 0.5.1 and newer of libspectrum(3) automatically recognise these snapshots and correct the problem, but this flag is necessary to fix some snapshots created by development versions only of libspectrum(3) which had the bug fixed, but cannot be distinguished from snapshots containing the bug. infile specifies the snapshot to be converted. This file can be in any of the snapshot formats supported by libspectrum(3). outfile specifies the output snapshot. The format will be determined by the file extension and can be in any of the formats libspectrum(3) supports for output. BUGS
None known. SEE ALSO
fuse(1), fuse-utils(1), libspectrum(3), listbasic(1), snap2tzx(1) The comp.sys.sinclair Spectrum FAQ, at AUTHOR
Philip Kendall ( Version 1.0.0 16th December, 2010 snapconv(1)

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snap2tzx(1)							     Emulators							       snap2tzx(1)

snap2tzx - Convert ZX Spectrum snapshot to .tzx tape images SYNOPSIS
snap2tzx [-1 string] [-2 string] [-b colour] [-g string] [-l string] [-o filename] [-r] [-s speed] [-v] [-$ filename] snapshot DESCRIPTION
snap2tzx converts a ZX Spectrum snapshot into a .tzx tape image. OPTIONS
-1 string causes string (which has a maximum of 32 characters) to be shown while loading. -2 string causes string (maximum 32 characters) to also be shown while loading. -b colour specifies the border colour while loading. -g string causes string (maximum 32 characters) to be used as the game name while loading. -l string causes string (maximum 8 characters) to be used as the BASIC filename in the loader. -o filename causes the output to be sent to filename. -r causes the final line of attribute data in the loading screen to be bright. -s speed specifies the speed of the loader; available values for speed are 0 (1500 bps), 1 (2250 bps), 2 (3000 bps) and 3 (6000 bps). -v specifies verbose output. -$ filename specifies that the ZX Spectrum screen stored in filename should be used as the loading screen. snapshot specifies the snapshot (in a format supported by libspectrum(3)) to be converted. In any string parameter, the tilde (~) will be converted into a copyright symbol. BUGS
None known. SEE ALSO
fuse(1), fuse-utils(1), libspectrum(3), listbasic(1), snapconv(1) The comp.sys.sinclair Spectrum FAQ, at AUTHOR
Philip Kendall ( Tomaz Kac wrote z802tzx (, on which snap2tzx is very heavily based. Martijn van der Heide wrote the turbo-loading code, originally for Taper ( Version 1.0.0 16th December, 2010 snap2tzx(1)
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