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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for sensors (redhat section 1)

sensors(1)							Linux User's Manual							sensors(1)

sensors - printing sensors information
sensors [ options ] [ chips ]
sensors is used to show the current readings of all sensor chips, and to set all limits as specified in the configuration file. sensors knows about certain chips, and outputs nicely formatted readings for them; but it can also display the information of unknown chips, as long as libsensors knows about them.
-c config-file Specify a configuration file. If no file is specified, the name `sensors.conf' is used. If the name does not contain a directory slash, or this parameter is not present, the following path is examined: /etc, /usr/lib/sensors, /usr/local/lib/sensors, /usr/lib, /usr/local/lib, . -h Prints a help text -s Evaluates all `set' statements in the configuration file. You must probably be `root' to do this. If this parameter is not speci- fied, no `set' statement is evaluated. -A Do not show adapter and algorithm for each chipset. -u Treats all chips as unknown ones. Output will be of much lower quality; this option is only added for testing purposes. -v Returns the program version. -f Prints the temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit instead of Celsius.
/etc/sensors.conf The system wide configuration file. See sensors.conf(5) for further details.
sensors.conf(5) June 2, 2002 sensors(1)