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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for revpath (redhat section 1)

REVPATH(1)						      General Commands Manual							REVPATH(1)

revpath - generate a relative path that can be used to undo a change-directory
revpath path
The revpath program prints out a relative path that is the ``reverse'' or ``inverse'' of path. Start with two directories top and bottom, with the latter below the former, and path is the location of bottom relative to top. The output of revpath is the location of top rela- tive to bottom. The resulting path contains a trailing `/' character when the result is non-trivial. If path is equivalent to `.', the resulting output is empty. If path is invalid in some way (e.g., doesn't represent the path to a subdirectory) the output is also empty and no error messages are ever generated.
There are no diagnostics. Error conditions are silently ignored, and the exit status is always 0.
It isn't possible to reverse arbitrary relative paths. If any path element between the two end points of path is a symbolic link, the results will probably be incorrect. XFree86 Version Version 4.3.0 REVPATH(1)

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